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How Aquashine BR works to prevent pigmentation

Pigmentation; either hypo or hyper ruins our beauty and skin as well. There are many reasons for pigmentation. Internal and external imbalance can equally harm our system  to occur this pigmentation. Many chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid and even cancer can cause pigmentation. Some patients of tuberculosis get a never ending blackish layer around their skin.


Hair Fall Rescue; Dr CYJ

I was very young when my daughter was born. As she was growing older and older everyone used to say that we look like sisters rather than mother and daughter. And we both enjoyed it a lot. But when I had cancer I suddenly started looking older and I loss my hairs as well. Even after I had my surgery I has very few hair left on my scalp. My daughter did not like it all as she was used to the idea of having me as an older sister. So, one day or another she would keep saying that do something you don’t look anymore like the way used to, don’t give up on yourself. So, I decided not to give up and get a solution for my hair fall. I went to a doctor and she asked me to get Dr CYJ injected in the scalp.


Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Juvederm Voluma

We are living in 21st century and we all have heard about dermal fillers. A couple of years ago the only solution to ageing was to get laser surgeries. But then with the advancement of technology a number of solutions to ageing have been introduced. Dermal fillers is one of them. Among all these dermal fillers Juvederm Voluma has a good reputation and is well known among its customers. Juvederm Voluma are injections that are used to prevent ageing and make you look beautiful and young as you used to be. There are number of facts about Juvederm Voluma which we might not know. Let’s discuss them.