aquashine soft filler br revofil pigmentation

How Aquashine BR works to prevent pigmentation

Pigmentation; either hypo or hyper ruins our beauty and skin as well. There are many reasons for pigmentation. Internal and external imbalance can equally harm our system  to occur this pigmentation. Many chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid and even cancer can cause pigmentation. Some patients of tuberculosis get a never ending blackish layer around their skin.

My case was one of them. I was a patient of skin cancer for almost 6 years. When I first got to know about this disease nourishing on my skin, I honestly went heartless. I felt like I am going to die soon. But my doctors and constant support from my loved ones made me cope up from this hazardous disease. Anyways, it took years and years of treatment for my doctors to cure this disease. And somehow I managed to recover from it. My family and I went through a serious trauma and months of severe anxiety. My cancer not only left side effects on my internal system but also the outside me was affected badly. My skin was left with pigmentation which my dermatologist told me are not going to ever fade away.

First the depression of cancer left me with no self-confidence and then the ugly scars on my face was being the reason of my introvert personality. I used to spend weeks in my room without talking to anybody. I suffered from insomnia also. My parents were more worried than me. My father was once going through an article of a re-known dermatologist that said about dermal fillers and their effect on skin. Through the research that was made about dermal fillers mechanism, my father got to know more about Revofil Aquashine BR soft filler, especially deals with skin pigmentation.

I was not at all convinced with his idea of using another chemically made product for my skin as my skin was suffering badly. But the way he brilliantly illustrate the procedure of the filler does inside our skin, satisfied me within no time. Aquashine BR basically contains three main ingredients (Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Essential amino acids) that are originally present in our skin but due to some reasons are lost and then are added up to reach that amount until pigmentation is disappeared.

My father also dealt with the actual seller and bought quality products from Meso Pro. They are providing an expert who is professionally going to handle with my skin pigmentation problem.

I had this treatment twice in a year, twice because I had a severe injury on my skin and I cannot tell you I happy and cheerful, I feel when I look at myself in the mirror. They have actually helped me getting back my lost confidence back and face the world with boldness and beauty.

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