Hair Fall Rescue; Dr CYJ

I was very young when my daughter was born. As she was growing older and older everyone used to say that we look like sisters rather than mother and daughter. And we both enjoyed it a lot. But when I had cancer I suddenly started looking older and I loss my hairs as well. Even after I had my surgery I has very few hair left on my scalp. My daughter did not like it all as she was used to the idea of having me as an older sister. So, one day or another she would keep saying that do something you don’t look anymore like the way used to, don’t give up on yourself. So, I decided not to give up and get a solution for my hair fall. I went to a doctor and she asked me to get Dr CYJ injected in the scalp.

At first, I was shocked what is it? Then she gave me details about it that it is a hair filler and helps in producing more hair and preventing hair fall. I was quite shocked with this idea that how can a gel help me in growing more hair? I had a thought in my mind that it must be very dangerous for sure. But I guess my face expression said it all and the doctor said I don’t need to worry it’s completely a safe and healthy product and it has been approved by the health standards.

Now, another thing that hit in my mind was how does it work? To my surprise she answered it before I could question it. She told me that it regulates blood circulation and increases it which makes it possible to reach the deepest veins of the scalp and produce more hair in those region and also it increases the size of follicles. Besides that it not only produces more hair but prevents hair fall as well which was another amazing fact about it.

I decided to go home and discuss with my daughter. I went home and told her about it she was so happy to know about it. She searched on it decided to buy it by ourselves to make sure the product in our hand is safe and sound. We ordered it from Hyaldirect and I went back and got it injected. After a couple of days the result started appearing and I could not believe my  eyes. Once again I looked as young as I used to and it brought my self-esteem back.

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